Nothing To Wear? Get A Grip On Trends

Trends come from everywhere these days. Runways, in street style, and social media. The internet, popular TV shows, global trends, our friends, the clothing that is available to us inspire our personal style. We consciously and unconsciously dress a certain way to fit in or who we aspire to be. So surprisingly, at some point, our closets reflect these trends even if they aren’t obvious. A Stitch fix survey interviewed 2000 British adults and reports that people have an estimated $268.44 worth of unworn clothing. 31 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds report they’ve impulsively bought clothes because they were part of a fad, only to wind up realizing they didn’t like their purchase after all. 

Image courtesy of unsplash

Surveyors also indicated the claim to have nothing to wear six times a month! Dios Mio!

Surveyors also indicated they claim to have nothing to wear six times a month

British Stitch Fix survey

The survey continued to share 80% of respondents like to wear the same clothes repeatedly, even if clothing is unworn in their closet. At least we are saving ourselves time by utilizing what we like most. Wear the same thing, the argument goes, and you’ll have more mental energy to spend on decisions that matter.

Only six percent of adults say they’ve worn everything in their wardrobe at least once. Of the survey takers who report an excess of unworn clothes, more than half say it’s because they choose not to wear them because the items were buried under other clothes. In fact, 65 percent of adults say some of their clothes still had tags on them. Do it still count if I just bought a few things? I hope not!

photo courtesy of Pawal czerwinski, unsplash

Allow yourself 1 to 2 trendy items that will add to your wardrobe, not take up precious closet space.

Retail therapy is clearly fun, but since it’s noted that people develop favorite clothing they’ll re-wear until the stitches pop, know that mixing all kinds of style aesthetics is a favorite styling technique. It’s also a great way to use more of what we already have. We should always remember to authentically express ourselves no matter the trendy items of the moment! What you buy can add longevity your wardrobe, even as seasonal trends come and go. Always Consider sustainably made clothes for versatility. Don’t forget to check out my previous post on how to best care for items as well!

It can seem burdensome to adjust or edit the closet, but don’t think you have to miss out on trends. Start with a little research. Most major fashion magazines and even social media discuss trending items and styles. Allow yourself 1 to 2 trendy items that will add to your wardrobe, not take up precious closet space. I think being aware and understanding what we like as an individual can be what helps us stay creative or allow us to focus on something else.

I unapologetically skipped the Tiny Bag trend and didn’t miss a beat. I did however, treat myself to a purple cowboy hat last summer to embrace a Western look. I am window shopping for a cute pair of western boots to pair it with! The jury is still out on sweater vests. Since I live in an area that is warm year-round, I don’t have a large collection of cold weather gear anymore. I may reconsider it over the fall. How do you feel about trends? Do you gotta have ’em all or can you live without them?

photo courtesy of Felipe Galvin, unsplash

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