11/2 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and picking out a costume is one of the coolest activities to celebrate. The tradition is said to have begun from Celtic festival Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) and has roots in the custom of Souling for All Saint Day in the early Christian faith. Of course, its all in good fun now; and Hollywood knows how to dress up and celebrate! These celebrity costumes were anything but a fashion nightmare, check out some of my favorites.

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photos courtesy of Pop Sugar

9/9 Scarves: Fall’s It Accessory

Whether adding some color or pattern to an outfit or simply keeping warm, scarves are some of the most versatile and fashionable accessories. And this neckwear is great for both men and women. With seemingly endless methods of tying, twisting and draping, its easy to add this piece to your wardrobe. Below are a few styles that I like to wear, and a few new ideas.

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8/11 Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style

In the southernmost Scandinavian nation, Denmark’s capital Copenhagen emanates charm the second you see its streetscapes. It’s a city I would love to visit, I’ve heard the people are friendly, the food is amazing and the general way of life can’t be beat. Beautiful aesthetic and trendy, outstanding design poured over into the fashion at Copenhagen Fashion Week.  Though I had difficulty tracking down a line up and presentations, there was plenty of distinct and creative street style fashion. There was so much individuality, whether monochrome or multi pattern attire to wild accessories; I always love seeing what fashion means to women around the world. Check out a few of my favorites in the slideshow below.


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Photos courtesy of Telegraph UK, Refinery29, Grazie Daily & Vogue

6/12 Cannes Film Festival 2017

Although everyone gathers annually in Cannes to view film, the fashion is also featured, if it doesn’t steal the show itself. Rarely do you find the movies being reviewed nearly as often as the fashion here at the festival that the stars bring to the picturesque town of France. Take a look at just a few of the ensembles from the week of Cannes Film Festival.


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5/22 Billboard Music Awards 2017



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4/23 Coachella 2017

While boho inspired looks have been a staple of festivals since forever, ranging from crochet details to fringe to stacks of cheap jewelry, the style has gotten to be extremely tacky. However this year at the festival season kick off in California, style seemed to regroup a bit. Flower crowns were not the popular hair accessory and while there were still plenty of crops tops, longer lengths of tops and skirts were more popular than not. It was refreshing to see presentable festival style in the form fluttery dresses, denim on denim and colorful summer-y layers. Maybe there is hope for boho attire after all.



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2/10/17 Valentine’s Nail Ideas

Happy weekend friends! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. While I’m not necessarily feeling a sentimental Valentine’s Day celebration this year, I still plan to taking the opportunity to wear something cute. It’s especially fun to play with accessories and makeup, so below I created six different nail styles for you to try!



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1-heart decals-I’m all about easy and these nail decals are just that. Usually nail gems come with a little glue, but if not you can use a coat of clear polish underneath and a coat over top to seal.

2-black outline-this can be done alone or over a coat of polish. I just used a nail pen in black around the edge of my nails. That neutral color is currently my favorite polish, its Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in 2 of a Kind.

3-double stripe-If you are looking for a geometric pattern, you can play around with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines using a nail pen over polish.

4-French tip with dots-French tips are a favorite of mine, so I included 2 different ways to elevate the style. This first one I added glittery polish dots at the base of my nail. To make the french tip, use a little strip of nail tape and let polish dry completely before removing.

5-Black french tip with solid ring finger nail-This second style I went with black polish and then painted my ring finger nail with a solid coat. Use a clear coat over top for shine and protection.

6-Mix-another super easy way to add cute style is use a mix of different colors. Keep it chic by sticking to a color palette of similar color polishes. Use 1 color on 2 nails of each hand and then use the other polishes to lift that color.

Hope everyone has a lovely St. Valentine’s! ❤lip


12/16 Christmastime!

Last year I tried out Scandinavian decor styling, which is known for its minimal color palette, and I didn’t stick to it at all. I had tried to go with a black, white and green theme, but Christmas isn’t the same for me without classic red. It found its way into my decor and I can’t even say I was upset. I do love the notion of Nordic style, being that it is all about functionality. I am happy to say that this year I have kept the decorating to a minimum, but it includes my favorite color (and lots of stars). I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season, and thanks for following along with Fashion Nightmares!



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9/5 Chokers


The choker has been everywhere all spring and summer. While it is a simple and very cute accessory, plain black gets boring quickly. Below I’ve included a few ways to keep up with the trend, and it doesn’t even require an actual choker.

1- use leather craft cord to create a wrap around choker. Bonus if you can find it in a bright color that compliments your outfit!

2- use a bandana. The print adds that extra element to a monochrome outfit.

3- ribbon also has endless prints and patterns that will add detail to a look. You can wrap it like a scarf or knot the ends.

4- use a flower crown. Its an additional use of the crown, and its always fun to include flowers in an outfit.



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