8/8 What to Wear This Fall

Fashion month is just around the corner! Even though I’m still seeing summer heat waves at midday and ice cream cones immediately start to melt once scooped, I am anxiously waiting for those upcoming new styles. As for this fall/winter season, the current trend is that anything and everything goes. Wear mixed materials in loud colors accented with an even louder mutual hue. Pair chunky knits with a classic Victorian collar. Top of a vintage ensemble with retro inspired hats. Channel your inner cowgirl or cowboy with western patterns and cowhide print. The more chaotic the better. I like the sound of all those layers and thicker textiles for colder months, even though I’ll probably be begging to escape somewhere tropical come December!

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Photos courtesy of Elle & Telegraph Uk 

6/12 Cold Shoulder

cold shoulderprabal gurung, self portrait, rodarte, brock collection, tome, courtesy of elle

Summer is all about exposed skin, and the classiest way to style that (and show off an amazing tan) is with a cold shoulder. Just that small hint gives major attitude, allows for subtle flaunting and as another bonus, let’s your skin breathe in that relentless summer heat. The singular exposed shoulder also has that extra cool Flashdance vibe that is breezy and low key. The delicate detail will be so much fun to style and I hope fashion’s latest trend is here to stay.

3/9 Top Trends from Fashion Week

Fashion Week has wrapped up and left a lot of styles and inspiration out there for consumers to experiment with. Below I picked out a few of the boldest trends that I think we will see a lot of in the following months.

3 Trends from PFW

Delicate Braids



Braids were a popular hairstyle on many runways in Paris, but the I like the smaller braids best. They are quick to do and add a romantic, bohemian touch. This style from Valentino of two braids framing the face is very stylish.



Chanel & Rochas

It’s always so fun to see sparkle and shine on the runway. They just bring a smile to my face. Not to mention they are completely mesmerizing.



Melitta Baumeister, Issey Miyake

This small detail has an amazing effect when it blends in like this look by Melitta Baumeister. The symmetry of tone paired with the stripe pattern really adds a visual emphasis for the eye to follow, making the pinstripe a desirable pattern.

3 Trends from MFW

Graphic Hats


Gucci & Versace

An easy way to make a fashion statement is with these graphic hats. The contrast of color can also be good to accent tonal dressing or add depth by color blocking.

Geometric Patterns


 Prada & Fausto Puglisi

Geometric tessellation prints in muted color palettes will be great for a burst of color in the long fall months.

Robe Coats

mln-robecoat agnona laura biagiotti les copains alberta ferretti

 Agnona, Laura Biagiotti, Les Copains, Alberta Ferretti

Pajamas continue to inspire day and outerwear this season, but these coats are actually pretty and trendy. The relaxed silhouette is perfect for a low-key weekend look or dressing down a fancier outfit.

2/21 3 Trends from LFW

Stained lips



According to London Fashion Week, forget lip liner and go for a messy smudged look instead. To achieve this look created by Val Garland for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, she says to apply lipstick, smudge the outer line and use a large brush to buff it out. Then apply gloss within lip line, but not outside it.

Exposed Shoulders


Styles from Pringle of Scotland and Temperley London.

From cold shoulder to sleeveless to Bardot, LFW says the shoulder baring trend is as strong as ever.



Versus, MM6 Maison Marginal, PPQ and Ports 1961

It’s a no brainer that turtlenecks would be a popular fall fashion. They are winter appropriate, easy to thrown on with or without layers, and make just about any outfit chicer.

2/19/2017 3 Trends from NYFW

Power Pantsuit


Derek Lam, Oscar de la Renta, Zimmermann

I was not initially a fan of the pantsuit when it started becoming popular, but these patterns, crops and color mixes have changed my mind. These are super sleek, versatile and strong.

Shades of Tan


Diane von Furstenburg, Pamella Roland, Coach

From rusty orange to bold camel to muted khaki this classic color was everywhere, in jackets, gowns, and knits. It’s great that it pairs well with other colors.

Pastel Eyeshadow


Parabel Gurung, Oscar de la Renta

This graphic, bright shadow was in every color at Parabel Gurung in green, orange and blue. I like this eccentric 2 tone palette from Oscar de la Renta. The lighter color is a bit more day friendly and the color combinations are endless.

11/20 Dubai Fashion Week Revived

In 2011, Dubai fashion week or DFW was scrapped, but just five years later, its ready to make a comeback. Thanks to Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi, editor of Velvet magazine and a contemporary evening wear designer, the event will now take place bi annually in March and October following New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. There are many local established talents looking to showcase seasonal collections for a target audience of international designers, buyers and celebrities.


It is currently an invite only event, but I think it will be a very interesting presentation and showcase of styles and trends from the Middle East.  I think there is a desire in fashion to see how people around the world dress and what fashion means to them. Where as a few years ago, fashion was all about westernization and a specific type of wear. This fashion week should be an economic boost for Dubai and increase tourism that people will be able to see everything the UAE has to offer. I think a fashion show is a genius way to go about, and I am excited to see what happens in March!


photos courtesy of The National and Emirates 24/7

9/20/2016 Why Thigh High Slits Need To Stop Trending

I am not a fan of slits in general, but these photos show pretty clearly why thigh high slits are not the way to go. I guess its like that old saying goes, a photo speaks a thousand words.

heidi-klum holly-taylor jane-krawkoski

I mean, if I was wearing a dress with that severe of a cut, I would be so angry to have to constantly worry about flashing someone through the entire event. It might not look terrible to some as these ladies are walking on the red carpet, but they have to sit down during the program. At least they had the decency to try and avoid a flashing, because some don’t bother at all.


And why a designer thought a high slit right down the front of this dress was a good idea, that is even more of a fashion nightmare.

Sept 19, 2016

Fashion, with all its glitz, is one of the top polluting industries in the world, and there isn’t much being said about the designer brand carbon footprint being left behind. In 2011, Greenpeace launched its “Detox My Fashion” campaign that twenty six brands signed to help change that. fast forward to 2016, Greenpeace checked in to see how companies were keeping up with the 2020 deadline. Some, like H&M, Benetton, and Zara, are making good on their commitments — disclosing information on suppliers and the hazardous chemicals they discharge, substituting hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives, and developing and implementing concrete plans to reach the goals they committed to in 2011.[1]

Other brands, like Victoria Secret and Nike, have not done so much. This bothers me to no end. No one is saying a prominent, well known company needs to be completely green. The more I learn about business and how companies are run, I know that not everything can be organic or processes require machinery, labor, etc, but such big brands could do a little bit more, be a little bit better. Its not like these companies for example, are bothered by charging an arm and leg for their products. They could use some of that profit to pretend like they care and it wouldn’t even have a tremendous impact on their bottom line.

And if they don’t want to be apart of that, then they don’t need to sign up with Greenpeace to act like they want to do well by the environment. I personally have not shopped at Victoria Secret in over 2 years because I feel the brand is not quality and I have never liked Nike, who in addition to not bothering about their environmental impact, has also been known for its awful and poor work conditions. When I read this article the other day I was so glad that I haven’t been shopping at these companies. I won’t be any time in the future and I hope that others will evaluate their shopping habits and go to other brands that are at least making an effort.


[1]Charles Manning, Cosmopolitan, Jul 11 2016