4/27 Style Muse

Rachel McAdams

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Rachel McAdams is the wonderful Canadian actress who has graced our screens and our red carpets for almost 20 years. After Rachel made her debut in 1998 in an episode of Disney’s The Famous Jett Jackson, Rachel went on to co-star in the Canadian TV series Slings and Arrows. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from York University in 2001 before pursuing acting full time. Rachel won a Gemini award for her performance in Slings and Arrows in 2003 and has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Spotlight in 2015.

Rachel had her breakout role in the hit movie Mean Girls in 2004, which instantly made her one of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming young stars. She then went on to costar in The Notebook with Ryan Gosling. She also starred in movies such as Wedding Crashers, Red Eye, and The Family Stone and Rachel most recently starred in the hit comedy Game Night with Jason Bateman. An interesting note, in 2008 Rachel was Jon Favreau’s first choice to play Pepper Potts in the hit Iron Man, but she had to turn the role down and instead it went to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Rachel always leaves us with a smile at her great fashion sense on and off the red carpet. Rachel, who was named Sexiest Actress in 2015 on Victoria Secret’s annual What’s Sexy List, always manages to give us great looks. She experiments with different styles and trends making her one of the most interesting people to watch for on the red carpet. Her risks and playfulness pay off, as they are daring, but tasteful and very refined. We can’t wait to see what she will come up with next. She has recently welcomed her first child this month with boyfriend, Jaime Linden. You can see her in Game Night and in the upcoming film, Sherlock Holmes 3.

4/21 Couples

Jeffery Dean Morgan & Hilarie Burton

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Jeffery Dean Morgan is an actor who has gained notoriety for his portrayal of the villain that everyone loves, Neegan on the hit show The Walking Dead. Although Jeffery has really captured the attention of the worldwide audience with his portrayal of Neegan, This by far is not his first prominent role in acting.

Jeffery was a tremendous high school basketball star until a terrible knee injury ended his promising career. Jeffery then trained and worked as a graphic artist for a time until he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting as a serious career. Jeffery found work on shows such as ER and Angel, and then in 2005, Jeffery found success as he was cast in recurring roles on three different series, Weeds, Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy.  In a strange twist of fate from the acting Gods, all three of the characters died on all three shows. This was not the end of his career by any means. Jeffery went on to star in Kabluey, The Accidental Husband, Texas Killing Fields.

Hillarie Burton is no stranger to the public either. Hillarie started as a VJ on MTV and soon after made a guest appearance on the hit show Dawson’s Creek as a VJ. Hillarie soon got the role that launched her into stardom as Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill. Hillarie went on to appear in such movies as Our Very Own, The List, and Solstice.

Jeffery and Hillarie started dating in 2009, and in 2014, married. In addition to their son Gus, The couple just recently added to their family with the birth of their daughter, Morgan. The couple lives on a farm in upstate New York raising cows and Alpacas. They are also the owners of a candy store, Samuel’s Sweet Shop with fellow actor Paul Rudd and his wife. You can currently see Jeffery in the movie Rampage and Hilaire on episodes of Lethal Weapon. I hope we get to see a lot more of these two, and congratulations to the newest addition of the family!

3/8 Couples

Dave & Elaine Chappelle

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Dave is a world famous stand-up comedian and actor who has thrilled and entertained audiences worldwide. Dave began his career in the Mel Brooks movie Robin Hood Men in Tights and has had supporting roles in such movies as The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy and You Got Mail with Tom Hanks. He scored his first lead role in the comedy Half Baked in 1998. Dave went on to host and star in the critically acclaimed series Chappelle Show, in 2003, which ran until his unexpected hiatus from the show two years later. Dave made his triumphant return last year with several specials that premiered on Netflix. In 2017, Dave was also the recipient of an Emmy award for his Guest host appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Dave married his wife Elaine in 2001. Elaine is from Brooklyn, and together they have three children, 2 boys named Sulayman, Ibrahim and a daughter Sonal. Although Elaine prefers to live as a housewife and mother to their 3 children on their 65 acre farm in Ohio, she occasionally accompanies Dave on the red carpet, where they always show off their fashion style to the enjoyment of many. Here is hoping that Dave does not go into retirement again soon as his fans enjoy the rare sightings of Dave and his family at all of the Red Carpet events.

2/7 Style Muse

Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer, Broad City

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Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are the wonderfully bright, innovative and funny creators and stars of the hit show Broad City. The critically acclaimed series is based on their friendship together and their attempts to make it in the Big Apple, New York City, New York. Abbi studied fine art and video production at Maryland Institute College of Art and Ilana graduated from New York University with a major in psychology. They met in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Interestingly enough, the project only came about after Ilana received poor feedback on a project she was working on with someone else. Ilana voiced her concerns to Abbi and the two started working on a project together which first became the web series and then the TV show Broad City.
As for their fashion sense, well, quirky may be a good way to describe it. For the first three seasons, the show featured mostly summer looks. For season four, they had shot mostly in the winter and the clothing had a decidedly warmer, layered feel to it. But regardless, you will find a lot of crop tops, leggings, the odd accessories, even combat boots in the early seasons. The cutoffs and crop tops were still present in season four but just with a warmer feel to them They both have a lot of fun with their outfits, and maybe they even started a trend or two in the process. As for their Red Carpet style, they have shown that they can glam it up with the best without losing any of the fun that they have on their show. Good news for fans of theirs, the show was picked up for a fifth season.

12/12 Couples

Tom & Jillie Sellack

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Tom Selleck is an actor who really needs no introduction to anyone who is a fan of television and films. Tom, with his trademark mustache, is known for his role as the private investigator on Magnum PI, as well as his many other roles including Dr. Richard Burke on Friends & AJ Cooper on Las Vegas, to his current role as the New York Police commissioner Frank Reagan in the hit series Blue Bloods. Tom has thrilled us for many years with his wonderful acting skills as well as cutting a dashing figure on the red carpet as well.

Tom, who attended the University of Southern California on a basketball scholarship, wisely gave up the sport to pursue his acting career. Tom is currently married to his wife of 30 years Jillie, who he met while she was performing in the musical Cats. Tom attended the show continuously as he developed a crush on the dancer in this famous show. A dinner date turned into a whirlwind romance and the rest as they say, is history.

Tom can be seen with Jillie on his arm at many functions with their very elegant style and always looking very chic. Tom and Jillie also have a daughter, Hannah, who can be seen accompanying them often when she is not competing with her horses.

10/16 Couples

Katy Mixon & Breaux Greer

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I was a fan of Mike & Molly and in love with Katy Mixon’s new show, American Housewife. Though the two roles were very different, Katy told Variety that she thought it was amazing and welcomed it with open arms. American Housewife was nominated for a People’s Choice Award for “Favorite New TV Comedy.” Breaux is a retired track and field Olympic athlete and the current record holder of the javelin throw. He was also on the second season of American Gladiators. Katy and Breaux are engaged and had a son in May of this year. They are excited to be parents, and hopefully we’ll see gorgeous wedding pictures soon!

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9/21 Couples

Kaitlin Olson & Rob Mcelhenney

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Costars on Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kaitlin Olson and Rob Mcelhenney got married in 2008. They’ve also purchased Skinners Bar now called Mac’s Tavern in Philadelphia in 2009. Kaitlin currently stars and is executive producer in the hilarious comedy sitcom The Mick. It’s cool to see when celebrities who meet on set end up being happy together. I like their laid back Cali style, that they seem to stay out of the spotlight, which is not your typical Hollywood couple’s move, and its incredibly refreshing. They certainly have their hands full raising 2 kids and working on award winning shows. Kudos!

8/16 Style Muse

Lana Del Rey

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Photos courtesy of Elle, Fashion Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, IX Daily, Ny Daily News, Reddit & Vogue

7/20 Style Muse

Charlize Theron

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7/11 Couples

Steve & Marjorie Harvey

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This style savvy couple always grasps my attention. Married in 2007 and grandparents of 4, TV personality and blogger of The Lady Loves Couture make being a fashionable couple look effortless. Steve credits his stylish, ultramodern attire to Marjorie, who changed up his wardrobe, shortening jackets and insisting on slimmer fitting pants. I love her chic, fashion forward style, and together they are an unstoppable power couple.

6/24 Style Muse

Sara Sampaio

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6/13 Couples

Wendy Williams + Kevin Hunter

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Starting off in Radio and now a TV Host, actress and fashion designer, Wendy Williams also has a bestselling autobiography in addition to six other novels. She has been married to Kevin Hunter since 1997 and they have a son, Kevin Jr. Wendy’s shares her honest opinions, but guards her privacy, which is probably so good for her family. She has gathered herself quite the following over the years. Her show is fun and engaging and her interactions with her audience make them one of the best on tv. (Its always fun to see the chic fashion!) What I have been struck by most is how fashion plays such a huge part in her career, whether it’s simply commenting on celebrity style or doing a runway on the show, her colorful and appropriate style carries into her fashion line, available on HSM.

5/25 Couples

Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher

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“Communication, trust, and Skype are key,” says Carrie Underwood on marriage to Mike Fisher since 2010. Another couple who seem to have a great balance in their personal and professional lives. They both seem like down to earth people who would be a lot fun to be around. They also seem to be so supportive of each others careers, most recently as  Fisher’s hockey team, the Nashville Predators, qualified for the Stanley Cup, Carrie was right there in head to toe team colors celebrating and having a blast. More PDA from these two!

4/26 Style Muse

Yara Shahidi

One of the stars of the hit show Black-ish, Yara started her career at 6, appearing in a number of advertisements, frequently working alongside her mother and brothers. In 2016, she signed with New York’s Women Management modeling agency, in hopes of providing a platform to see more women of color in diverse roles. Her father is Iranian-American, and her name is Persian for “someone who is close to your heart.” In her spare time she enjoys learning to speak Persian, cooking with her family and learning about the Renaissance.


Even though she is only 17, she has a very sophisticated and mature style that is colorful and fun. I always like to see what she wears on the show and at events. She is very talented and I hope we get to see her acting career and style continue to thrive.


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4/25 Couples

Josh Duhamel + Fergie


In Hollywood, marriages never seem to last that long, but it looks like Josh and Fergie Duhamel have seemed to balance their public and personal lives well and additionally make things work with their family life and raising a son. They recently celebrated their anniversary of 8 years, but it feels like they’ve been together longer than that, so compliments to them! (Also anticipating Fergie’s new album that should be out sometime soon).





3/15 Style Muse

Issa Rae

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Issa Rae is the creator, co-writer and star of Insecure. After graduating from Stanford in 2007, she did a fellowship in New York. While working on a show pitch, an unfortunate break-in at her apartment resulted in the loss of her equipment and script.[1] She didn’t let that discourage her, instead she created a Youtube Show called Awkward Black Girl. The show was wildly successful, and HBO picked up a pilot similar to her Youtube show, called Insecure, that premiered in October 2016. The show is funny and honest about a twenty something girl living in LA. The show will return for its second season in July. I admire her impressive style very much. Whether casual or formal, the colors are striking and the fits delicate making for unique and tasteful looks. In addition to being nominated for a Golden Globe this year, in 2012 Issa was included on the annual Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list in entertainment. I look forward to following her work, and seeing the new season of Insecure this summer.

[1] The Misadventures of Issa Rae, 4 August 2015, Jenna Wortham, New York Times

photos courtesy of Refinery29, brit+co, NY Magazine, Style Bistro and Creators of Color

2/24 Style Muse

Hailee Steinfeld


Hailee Steinfeld is The epitome of young hollywood with girl next door charm, at 20, Hailee has already accomplished a lot. Top charting singles, and an Oscar nomination to name a few.

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Her feminine, quirky style is what captured my attention. On choosing red carpet gowns, she told teen Vogue, “Not everything I put on looks great, unfortunately. But if I’m able to look in the mirror and feel really pretty and know I’m confident enough to walk out and work it? That’s all there is to it.” Its great that she seems to be down to earth and have a positive attitude, which is good since she has been in Hollywood since she was 8. She’s definitely one to keep watching, she’ll return in Pitch Perfect 3 in December.

Photos courtesy DailyMail, Seventeen Magazine and Stylecaster

quote courtesy of Teen Vogue, Oct 2013

2/19 Couples

George & Amal Clooney

Hollywood’s ultimate couple have it all, especially with twins on the way! Its always fun to see where they are and who they’re wearing. Their charisma and stylish dressing are so captivating.

1/11/17 Style Muse

Emma Stone


With La La Land being the movie of the moment its hard to not hear something or the other about Emma Stone. She is one of my favorite actresses, I love that she keeps a low profile and seems to be level headed and pragmatic.

The story goes that when she was fifteen, she created a powerpoint called Project Hollywood to convince her parents to let to move to LA and become an actress.[1] Her presentation worked, and had since had several successful roles including Easy A, Zombieland, The Help, Crazy, Stupid Love, and The Amazing Spiderman among other films.

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She is also an inspiration of mine when it comes to fashion. Whether it be the red carpet or just out on the weekend, she has an elegant minimal style that is so charming. She states that Diane Keaton and Marion Cotillard are style icon of hers, stating that they are sexy and covered up.”[2] She was also named the best dressed woman of 2012 by Vogue magazine and was featured in a similar listing by Glamour in 2013 and 2015. It will be fun to continue following her career and her tasteful style!

[1] biography.com

[2] Emma Stone: Hollywood Is Her Oyster, June 21, 2011, Vanity Fair

12/13 Style Muse

Martha Stewart


She was born and raised in New Jersey, and paid for her tuition at Barnard College by modeling, notably with Chanel. While originally planning to major in chemistry, she switched to art, European history, and later architectural history. She graduated with a double major in History and Architectural History.



In the 1970’s, she and her then husband Andrew Stewart purchased the 1805 Turkey Hilll Road that would inspire the model of Martha Stewart Living. They also had a daughter, Alexis, but divorced in 1990.


An American businesswoman and publisher of Martha Stewart Living, she has 2 syndicated TV shows and a number of bestselling books. She is majority shareholder with 96% control of voting power of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. In 1999, it went public in the New York Stock Exchange at $18 a share and rallied to $38 by the end of trading. This made Martha the first female, self-made billionaire in the US.

I love Martha’s work and am constantly finding inspiration from her magazine, shows and blog. I also love that she is an animal lover, her pets include chow chow dogs, French bulldogs, Himalayan cats and Friesian horses. She has worked with PETA and the farm animal welfare organization Farm Sanctuary in the past. Its so impressive how successful she has become and so cool that she earned a double major. That takes a lot of discipline. She also has a great sense of humor, her show with Snopp Dogg, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, is hilarious. Even though I am not half or even a quarter as good at anything as she is, I enjoy her work nonetheless. She truly is an inspiration.




Photos courtesy of emaze, pinterst, etonline, quotesgram, zulily, zimbio and poppowwow

12/1 Couples 

Lauren Graham + Peter Krause


Can I just take a minute to say Gilmore girls a year in the life made me cry it was so good. I won’t give away any spoilers, but its definitely a must watch if you saw the show before. If not binge it all! I had a slightly difficult time working through the second and third episodes, I felt like there was a lot of filler material in them as the storyline weaves entirely through all 4 episodes without a hint at resolvement until the final episode. But it takes you on a trip once it all comes full circle. I have so many questions and so far there won’t be any other episodes, Amy Sherman-Palladino originally planned a cliffhanger when the series ended in its 7th season. However, I hope it continues, I think it could still hold a great story, and with almost all of the original characters making cameos, it would continue to be an inspiring show. I also loved that Lauren Graham’s s/o Peter Krause makes a funny cameo, I loved them both on Parenthood!


Mila + Ashton


The most down to earth, laid back couple around with the most contagious smiles. It makes me happy to see other people happy.

I’m excited to hear what name they choose for their son, I recently read on Daily Mail that Ashton wanted to name him Hawkeye after University of Iowa’s mascot. (Insert crying emoji here.)

11/2 Style Muse

Audrey Hepburn was a film icon and left a legacy behind her. She has been ranked by the American Film Institute as the third greatest screen legend of the Golden Age. I know could watch Sabrina, Funny Face, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s over and over. I also love that she worked closely with the Red Cross and UNICEF eventually being a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. As she grew up between Belgium, the Netherlands and England, she was fluent in six languages, Dutch, English, and later, Spanish, Italian, French and German.


She is also a fashion icon that I draw so much inspiration from. In 1961, she was put on the International Best Dressed List, stating that her style was minimal with simple silhouettes and monochromatic colors. She has such a beautiful, distinctive style, I thought she’d be the perfect introduction to this new segment of fashion nightmares in celebrating women in fashion!

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9/26 Couples

Pierce Brosnan + Keely Shaye Smith


Aren’t they just adorable or is it me? And so well dressed.