Tokyo, Seoul & Beijing Fashion Week

I’m not familiar with hardly any Asian fashion brands, but the style can’t be missed. I know I haven’t been as critical as usual, I’ve just been fairly impressed by what fashion has been offering lately, and the shows from Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing did not disappoint.


Aula had extravagant fabrics, flowing silhouettes and exotic reference that I loved.


Motohiro Tanji had such powerful colors with artistic yet conservative fits, which is a combination difficult to come by.

These looks from left to right are from Mint Designs, Beautiful People and the contemporary kimono brand Somarta.

Designed by Tamae Hirokawa, Somarta, known for its seamless knits and other textile innovations, like the dyeing process and hand painted gold leaf design, bring the 460 year old techniques of traditional style kimono modern elements.

Be sure to look out for Mint designs and Beautiful People. Mint designs will show in Paris Fashion Week next year, and Beautiful People plans to expand internationally over the next year! Both had breezy, floral patterns, mint designs using organic and synthetic materials and adding a metallic twist to their looks while Beautiful People has softer, minimal pieces.

Yasutoshi Izumi had feminine business attire that looked extremely sleek.


Plastic Tokyo was probably my least favorite. It is know for its androgynous attire and was described as music festival essentials, but I think it looked sloppy and over dramatic.

Ujoh had a clean and versatile presentation. I thought the details of the first look were very cool; and the navy of the second look are so professional yet casual.

I thought the men’s street style captured was fantastic, and I love this jacket below.



The layers and detail from SYJP had my attention and the functional, but pretty combination. It made these looks very appealing, like I could give my black yoga pants a weekend break, but run out on Saturday errands and still look fashionable.

The motto at 87mm is ‘no concept but good fashion sense’, allowing for flexibility to create exactly what people want to wear, when and how they want to wear it. This is a relatively new brand, but I definitely agree with their foundation and impressed with the unique styles presented.

Ordinary People had some great pieces in beautiful colors.

Muse by Rose had everything from business to casual to athleisure ranging from sweet to powerful in moody colors and I want it all in my closet.

I really enjoyed the metallics and color contrasts from Pale Turquoise.

You can’t beat this street style! I love the rainbow splatter adidas and the girls makeup.



There was not a lot of westernization at Beijing Fashion Week which I thought was pretty enthralling.

Chuyan had some amazing colors and fabrics. I also liked the traditional and feminine styling.


NE Tiger was also a beautiful presentation, I loved the silk dresses.

Near White was very refined. The intention behind this brand is that the white tee is the best expression of style. I thought that was an interesting base for a brand, but they did a wonderful job with this collection, each look staying similar to the other, but saying something a little different, each carrying their own.



These looks from Maryma were a little crazy, but fun to look at. I liked the silver top with the puffy sleeves and bubble ponytail. It reminded me of an outfit Padme Amidala would ear on Star Wars. I didn’t really understand the white headpiece or the sheer middle of the skirt. At that point it might as well be that blazer with no pants look. The skirt itself in silhouette is really nice though.



A handbag collection by Liu Shengyi. I loved the contrasting strap colors and backpacks.


Models present creations Oct 31

Which fashion week or shows are your favorite?

photos courtesy of access runway, seoul fashion week, china daily, prokeraia and upi


Paris Fashion Week

When they say we’ll always have Paris, I have to believe they were talking about its impressive fashion. There were so many different styles and ideas and creativity pouring off the runways. My favorites included these yellow/orange color schemes. I just love how rich and bold the color is and also that yellow is such and energetic and happy color.


Even though the cutouts feel extreme, I love the mix of layers between the skirt, leggings and coat from Balmain.

Balmain, Christian Wijnants

Mugler, Rick Owens

Wanda Nylon, Balmain


This dress from Aalto is such a unique mix of minimalism and utility. The cinched drawstring waist adds great detail.


There were a lot of printed, graphic tees on many runways, but I like this one from Christian Dior best and the urban way it was styled.


I of course had to get a glitter fix, and Kenzo(above) and Mugler(below) did not disappoint. Bonus points to Mugler with the additional shine of those metallic shoes.


Speaking of shoes, here’s a short roundup of a few great styles exclusively from Paris. Which one would you wear?


Agnes B




Elie Saab

Blue shoes are such a fun pop of color against any neutral outfit for spring.




These Chloe shoes also were in red and they. were. fabulous.



This bright leopard with white pants is another crisp, easy way to dress up an outfit.

Olivier Theyskens made a return to Paris Fashion week after two years away. I didn’t check on his previous collections, but I thought the linear sportswear was classic and well done.

dries-van-noten-2 dries-van-noten

The earthy palette from Dries van Noten was so stylish.

Sonia Rykiel’s light fabrics and intrepid details made this runway one of my favorites.

Wanda Nylon designer Johanna Senyk brought streetwear staples to the runway with her signature waterproof fabrics.

_cha0744 _cha1224 _cha1176 _cha0949

Chanel is always such a smorgasbord of ideas. I liked the use of ball caps, and that the runway included iconic Chanel attire like the tweed skirt. I also adore that multicolor jacket.

valentino valentino-runway-paris-fashion-week-womenswear-springsummer-2017 valentino2 valentino3

Valentino had the prettiest brightest dress, and if you believe in the idea of MILK(money, ID, lipstick, keys) when going out, those itty bitty bags are a dream come true. They are the epitome of essentials only.

_l7a1204 _l7a1494 _l7a1821 elie-saab elie-saab2 elie-saab3 elie-saab4 saab

Elie Saab was my favorite runway of all time. The entire runway was like a brought to life dream of mine. Star print anything is another favorite of mine, and these star studded looks have my heart. The details are perfection, from the jewelry to that pvc bag with gold stars (in the 5th photo from top) I love it love it love it, at the risk of sounding like a fangirl.



So that was the breathtaking Paris Fashion Fashion Week, what do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments!

photos courtesy of wwd, Vogue, Elle and