In America: A Lexicon of Fashion

We’re slowly getting back to regular programming in lieu of covid ruining all our lives, and that included a met gala this year! Postponed until this past Monday, September 13 in New York, we got a little dose of glitz back thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was surprised with the creativity, and the lack of stars and stripes. I guess if it seemed expected, most guests would shy away from it, but still. The theme has been taken pretty literally over the years, so it had me raising an eyebrow at this new interpretation. The New York Post called it hypocritical and a high end dud, with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez attending in a gown with tax the rich inscribed onto the back. But she paid $35000 for a ticket?? Doesn’t that make her one of said rich? I also thought Cara Delevingne’s bulletproof vest saying peg the patriarchy was kind of tired. I’ve included favorites from the red carpet looks in the slideshow below, I thought A$AP Rocky’s quilted overcoat was whimsical. It reminded me of the quilts folded over the back of the couch growing up and blankets my grandma crocheted. Billie Eilish channeled Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood icon, and looked very elegant. I also smiled when I saw Ciara’s jersey inspired gown, nodding not only to America’s favorite sport, but to her husband as well. Obviously, not every look was a winner, so there’s also a few that fell flat in my humble opinion. Pick your favorites and share if you agree in comments.

Looks that were less than impressive are included below. Better luck next time, I suppose!

images courtesy of Daily News and Vogue


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