Easy Rosewater DIY

Summer is in full swing and here in Arizona, we’ve already gotten a big heat wave. I even have a little farmer’s tan going just taking the dogs for a 10 minute walk! After looking for some ways to get relief, I was excited to try my hand at making a cooling Rose water. It has been used for centuries in the Middle East as a beauty tool and has a multitude of benefits for hair and skin. It has antibacterial properties and many uses. The process is pretty simple, too!

Just make sure to pair it with moisturizer. Water attracts water, so even though it’s refreshing, it can start to pull water from the surface of your skin.

>A few spritzes can be used to prep skin for makeup, and even to freshen makeup after a long day.

>It can also help reduce redness or razor burns. Consider mixing witch hazel with your final product and use it as a toner.

>Mix 2 tbsp rose water with 1 cup water and run it through your hair before shampooing for silky strong strands.

>Or add it to a bath for a touch of luxury. Maybe even save some rose petals to sprinkle in with the bubbles!

>Lastly, make a bottle with pure aloe vera to use after a day of soaking up the sun.

1c Fresh roses, red or pink, color will affect the final product.
1c Filtered or distilled water
1/4c Witch hazel
Sandalwood essential oil

1. Separate petals from stems. About 2 flowers will yield 1 cup. Remove the seeds from the center and put in a saucepan. Add the water, only covering the petals.
Too much water and your product will be very diluted. Add witch hazel as well.

2. Bring to a soft boil, then cover the saucepan with a lid, turn heat to low and slowly let it simmer, about 30 minutes. The petals will lose all their color.

3. Turn off heat, keeping the cover on, and let the water come to room temperature. Then you can strain out the petal remains.

4. If you like, add letter stickers to a clean bottle. Then pour the water into the bottle. Add a few drops of sandalwood essential oil, to get a soothed and glowing complexion. Store for up to a week in the cabinet or a month in the refrigerator. I keep mine in the fridge!

5. Your homemade rose water is ready to use! I do not recommend eating this product, and avoid applying near your eyes due to the essential oil. Enjoy!


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