People’s Choice Awards

Possibly one of the worst dressed events of all time, the People’s Choice Awards red carpet was bland and boring. Luckily the night was salvaged by these men who showed up looking fashionable in sharp suits with striking accents. I particularly love the tailored pant legs.


Joel Mchale was the host of the evening and befitting his position, looked the part. He did a great job; I liked that he made it through the night not berating us with political jokes.

Clockwise from top Cameron Dallas, Kevin Nealon, Jean Luc Bilodeau, John Stamos, Shaun Brown and Tom Hanks.


These metallic dresses were a few of the better fashions at the event. I thought the coloring was great as well.

And of course Melissa McCarthy, Portia and Ellen had some fun ensembles. I liked the length of Melissa McCarthy’s jacket as well as the coordinating fabric. Portia’s asymmetrical top had a heightened style to it with the mix of fabric, and Ellen’s velvet jacket created a textural element to her look that gave it a polished finish.

Victoria Justice’s dress was edgy, but I wanted the hem to be a little longer, just a little shorter than Priyanka Chopra’s skirt. This looks similar to the outfit Kaley Cuoco wore at the Critics Choice Awards, but a little more refined. I think the draped back looks better paired with a skirt and being equal in length. While some did not seem to like Candace Cameron Bure’s dress, I thought it was elegant and mod. The sequin embellishments add fun texture and while I don’t generally love that slicked up, teased back hairstyle, she pulled it off very well.


Meanwhile bold doesn’t always mean better, and there is a reason classic looks are always red carpet approved.

I was just talking with a friend about how neon colors are so saturated these days. Ruby Rose’s suit structurally looks good, but that gaudy orange just needs a white stripe across it to resemble a traffic cone. Tara Shahidi’s hair and makeup is great, but the checkered pattern would have been bordering brash on a simple dress silhouette. The tiers of ruffles going down the bodice and sleeves are just over dramatic.

The feathers on the straps of what resembles a bikini top make it a funky, weird vibe, that is Gwen Stefani’s style, but had the top of Gwen Stefani’s been a satin or silky light blue or white, the skirt could have been a focal point of a fancier look. If Jodie Sweetin was going for an edgy punk look, she definitely should have chosen a different dress. Her outfit clashes so poorly because of the mixed materials, accessories and makeup. Kristen Bell’s jumpsuit is mostly cute, but whats with the weird white cups? They look out of place and bizarre.

More fashion nightmares of the evening from Keltie Knight, Lori Laughlin and Renee Bargh. What did everyone else think about the People’s Choice?



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