Golden Globes 2017

The red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards was wildly underwhelming. While there were some good looks, all around I could leave the fashion.


Sheer, sparkle, fringe, ruffles, you name it, it was featured as one of too many elements in Nicole Kidman’s dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfit was modern with a clean silhouette, but it would have been better with the sleeves fitted and less fabric swallowing up her legs.

As for Kerry Washington’s dress, first the color is so pale. The sheer lace isn’t terrible, but it need to be floor length. Because its sheer, the shoes would have been visible. Being cut at the ankle give the dress an odd shape, and what it with the bow at her waist?


Had there been a back and no cutout on the front of Carrie Underwood’s dress, it would have been a modest look, but because the ruffles of the neckline don’t follow the simple silhouette, it comes off as disheveled.


This looks similar to the Brandon Maxwell dress Ciara wore a few month ago, but even worse because it has polka dots.


The color is good on this gown, but the relaxed ruffly layers should have been left to the skirt, not included in the bodice.


2 questions for Pharrell Williams one, what’s with the beanie? Second, is there a reason for wearing a bandhgala?

Yellow was a popular color on the golden globes red carpet, and for the most part they looked good. Reese Witherspoon and Emily Ratajkowski gowns would have been better without the slits.


One of the few looks I did adore included Michelle Williams attire, it was trendy but elegant.

And to leave on a high note, I enjoyed the looks from Donald Glover, Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Bell, Octavia Spencer and Milo Ventimiglia.

The navy suits with black accessories were impeccable. I always smile when I see that color combination, because for so long I believed it to be a faux pas, but now I’m head over heels for it.

Donald Glover and Blake Lively’s velvet outfits were on point, Kirsten Bell’s dress was glamorous and edgy, and Drew Barrymore had my favorite gown of the night. It looked feather light and had such a delicate details.

Like I said, I could have left majority of the fashion but luckily, we have plenty of shows this awards season to see some great fashion.


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