8 Trends That Should Not Follow Us To 2017

2016 provided us with a lot of beautiful and wonderful fashion. There were many a fashion nightmare however, and fingers crossed they don’t survive through the new year.

8-single statement earring


Earrings generally come in pairs because we have two ears. This trend just looks like someone forgot the other one or lost it during the day. Hopefully soon its lost entirely.

7-Furry slip on shoes


These shoes are just plain ugly and serve no purpose. It’s like companies said, what else can we put fur on? Shoes! Why? Because it’ll be trendy! Except its not, it serves no functionality. Especially since sandals are generally worn in warmer weather, when would fur on the outer part of a sandal even be a good idea? I wear sandals so my feet stay cool, not to punish them in a fur sauna.

6-Fitness Tracker Bracelets


The entire universe does not care that you are on a diet. Has everyone forgotten about those cute little notebooks called journals? They even have online versions if you’d like to be modern and high tech about tracking your health. Its cool you want to be a better version of you, just keep it to yourself and let the rest of us eat as much and walk as little as we want without the visual guilt trip. Besides they look like those tacky toy snap bracelets from back when.



Overalls should have never, never ever been revived. What is the point of jumpsuits and rompers if I can just dig up the hideous pair my mom has in the attic from the 90s? No matter how they are styled, they just don’t look good. Fashion has come so far from these things, how did they find their way back into our lives?

4-Yeezy Shows


I really am at a loss as to how this line even made it past the first show. I think we’d all be ok if Yeezy took a really long break, like forever if Kanye wanted. So he can focus on his health, family, music and all.

3-Puffy Sleeves

At first glance these seem cool, but when I tried a couple on it did not translate. Not to mention this puffy sleeve comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making it difficult to find one that works at all. We can keep the Renaissance sleeve to the pirate movies please and thanks.

2-Sheer Dresses


I do not get the appeal of these sheer, show all dresses. Why even bother with a dress at all? Little cutouts or sheer sleeves add textural elements, but the whole dress is just a sad cry for attention. There are other mature and fashionable ways to go about letting people know you love your body, are in great shape, have style, etc, etc. This is not the way.

1-Tee shirts under dresses or thin strapped tops


This is truly a nightmare for me, because growing up I had to have sleeves on and with everything. Too many a Sunday was the frumpy tee shirt required to be worn under my summer church frock, leaving me hot from the awful mix of layers and humid temperatures, feeling embarrassed and uncool. This photo alone makes me shudder from the memories. Some may like it, but it will never be fashionable to me.


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