Fashion Awards 2016

Hosted by British Fashion Council and Swarovski, The Fashion Awards, previously the British Fashion Awards, was held at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The ceremony honors international talent in fashion.


Lady Gaga’s Brandon Maxwell was the best look of the night, classic and elegant. I love her minimal jewelry.

These were the best tux’s, David Gandy’s velvet jacket and Johnny Coca’s red festive tie are those tiny details that elevate their look.


Laura Bailey’s voluminous fitted gown was paired perfectly with that metallic bag, Abbey Clancy gown was daring, but still modest. I liked the tied waist and tulip skirt. Karli Kloss also had a classic look that was pretty.


Donatella Versace’s silver metallic dress had great geometric lines. I like the color combination, but I think the insert of the top part of the gown could have been omitted.

Here are a few other alluring looks from Bebe Rexha, Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe.


I actually really like Yolanda Hadid’s dress and how natural her hair looks teased back like so. Other celebrities that have worn their hair like that over style with too much product, making it looks stiff and crunchy.

Gigi Hadid’s Versace jumpsuit is a very sleek, with great color and stylish. I just wish the straps were symmetrical, like pick one style, don’t overdo it.

Alexa Chung was wearing Gucci, and even after having a few months since fashion week to let that look sink in, I still don’t really feel like warming up to it. The color of Lily Donaldson…dress is so pretty, but the whole thing is sheer so I hate it. Adwoah Aboah’s neon tulle dress was not what I’d of expected from someone who was nominated as international fashion model of the year. Nicole Scherzinger’s sheer cutout jumper was over dramatic. The only cutouts should have been left near the shoulder and it would have been so fashionable. But that would be asking too much apparently.

I felt like Jaden Smith and Alessandro Michele’s suits were a bit much. At least Jaden’s suit pants were tailored and his slide shoes actually gave a small element of cool to an otherwise uncool look. The suit that Jared Leto wore wasn’t terrible, but he had that terrible embellished jacket on that ruins the ensemble. He could have just had some fun flair with his sunglasses and gold bowtie, but again with another overdone look. Such a shame.

For a fashion award ceremony, I’m finding myself left wanting more, and that’s such a disappointment.

photos courtesy of, celebuzz and Hollywood Reporter



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