4 Designers from Mexico City Fashion Week

“The heart of the Americas is known as a cultural hub for its excellent food, art, architecture and design. The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design named it as the World Design Capital in 2018.”

However, twenty years ago there was nothing that could be considered high fashion about Mexico City, and people didn’t know what they were missing. With so much history and legacy, Mexican designers found it easy to be inspired by the beauty Mexico has to offer, and making sure that Mexico City is on the fashion map. After looking at some of the different collections, I can say that there is a vast amount of alluring fashion. Here are a few of my favorite designers I’ve discovered.

Gypsy Sport

2015’s CFDA Fashion Fund winner, Rio Uribe, presented his fist collection this season, his source of inspiration being color. He said this show is a “total rainbow” and I loved the vibrancy and layering of the fabrics.

Kris Goyri

One of Mexico’s most exciting fashion talents. Hawaii inspired this seasons collection, with floral components and minimal silhouettes. Even in its simple design, the clothes have a very dramatic flair about them that I love.


French designer, Vaness Guck’s established her “French Fashion brand, born in Mexico” in 2013. Cihuah comes from a indigenous Nahuatl word for women, recognizing women and their traditional craft, knowledge and culture, nodding at modern, creative, independent and entrepreneurial women. She transitioned from architecture to design, wanting to change the scale of her work and apply her architectural tools to the construction of garments. Her designs are so conceptual, modern and daring. I was oohing and ahhing through the entire collection. These two were my favorites, you can view the entire SS17 Lookbook on their website.

Alejandra Queasada 

After studying fashion design in Paris and London, she was inspired to create her own brand. She describes it as a casual colorful dream that capture and express moments in life. Using contemporary Mexican embroidery, whimsical motifs and avant grade forms, its easy to see why she is one of Mexico’s best designers.

I’m excited to have found these designers to follow, and looking forward to their future endeavors! Which is your favorite?

Photos courtesy of Vogue, frontrow-worldwide.com, cihuah.com and Wmagazine.

Quote courtesy of Elle


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