Trend or Conformity?

I think in the world of fashion that the word “trend” can be an overused term. It is a lot like how the words great or hero or warrior is used. Everyone uses the term and it sort of loses its meaning after a while.


When I look at fashion and which way it is trending, there are some signs to me that are concerning. Take athletic apparel for instance. Other than the logos on the clothes themselves, it is hard to distinguish one brand from another. They all seem to have similar color schemes and patterns. Is that what constitutes as trending? Is looking similar to each other the new trend?

Recently I read where the Scandinavian retailer H&M launched its “K-Fashion” Limited Edition line that is available only in Asia. This line is supposedly inspired by Korean street fashion. The problem is, as the article points out is that there does not appear to be anything “Korean” about the line at all. “The models look like they’re wearing clothes that could be seen on any street in the United States or any city around the world. So I guess that my question may be, is conformity the newest trend to hit the fashion world? Does anyone wish to actually purchase clothing with the intent that “I want to look Korean?, or Chinese?, Or Scandinavian?


I believe that one of the great parts of fashion that I enjoy is the uniqueness of the different designers. Even if you care or do not care for an individual line, the distinctiveness of the lines are what I find captivating. What some might love in Armani, others may not. What some might love in Hugo Boss, others may find Michael Kors the better alternative. The point being that something as diverse as fashion should not be dumped into a brand disguised as national identity. I am not sure if conformity will be the newest trend. Is the desire out in the world to look like everyone else, or to stand out with something that is creative and distinctive?



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