American Music Awards 2016

A major thumbs down to the AMAs red carpet this year. I had tuned in to watch a little bit of it, but the first ten minutes were a nightmare that I quickly lost interest in.

There were a handful of looks that stood out, Cam and Rachel Plattens gowns being front runners for me. They were so classy. I even like the slit in Cam’s dress, because its just a small opening from the overlapped skirt.

Selena Gomez Prada gown was so minimal and sophisticated. She looks great, this event being her first since her decision to take break in the summer.

I also liked Jenny McCarthy’s outfit and accessories and Donnie Wahlburg suit. The velvet jacket was a great touch, even if the pink might be a little much. Keeping everything else in black was a good way to wear that look.

The guys showed up and stood out at this event. I liked that their attire is fancy, but dressed down a little bit by the accessories and mix of fabrics. Its gives each look an effortless edgy feel.

From left clockwise is Shawn Mendes, Sting, The Chainsmokers and Ty Dolla Sign.

Next up are the looks that just didn’t quite win me over, but weren’t atrocious.


This Elie Saab romper has great color that looks great with the purple lipstick, I’m just not sure about the cape shoulder/pocket attachment. I think it would’ve looked better as open sleeves, cutting that extra fabric from the shorts. The fabric is pretty sheer though, so maybe the extra fabric is providing a layering effect.


Hannah Davis’s dress was beautiful, but I wish it had a lining under it. It would have been so much more elegant.


This Brandon Maxwell dress would have been so much better if it had followed the black turtleneck silhouette through the skirt. Instead, it took a 180 degree turn that looks like the air mattress I have rolled up in the garage.


This tomboy dress by Celine would have been chicer belted. The glam diamonds and dark lipstick lose their touch as the eye goes down making the ensemble a little bit sloppy.


This Michael Costello dress did not need the slit. The neckline was pronounced enough.


I love the color and texture of this Cynthia Rowley dress. I just don’t know why sheer gowns are all the rage. I’d even take a mini dress underneath just please stop with the  flaunting of underwear.


The outfit is cute but looks unfinished. I like that Ariana Grande has established her own iconic look, but I wish these Alexander Mcqueen pants were tailored to keep the proportions even and maybe add a 3/4 sleeve jacket.

Now for the fashion nightmares-


Had Bella Thorne worn a shirt and not dyed the ends of her hair neon green it would’ve been a cute look. I like that theres a lot of shine and glitter, but seriously what is with her hair?


Fifth Harmony should fire their stylists immediately. I have yet to see an outfit from any of them that is anything but trashy.

Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharaoh were the obnoxious hosts of the AMAs, I only saw the first few minutes and highlights on the news, but they were rude and inappropriate. If Jay Pharaoh is an inspiring rapper, I’m confused why he would insult a powerhouse in the industry like JayZ. At least his suit was decent. As for Gigi, I’ve said before her style has gone downhill and it appears it will continue to plummet.


This Wolk Morais jumpsuit is monochrome at its worst. If I had designed this, I would have made it pants and had paired them with a black halter top.


This metallic/pastel combo are peculiar looking. Structurally it is too tight and short, accentuated poorly by those closed toed heels. I think if the shirt was a light gray and not silver, it wouldn’t have appeared so washed out.

Keke Palmer was obviously inspired by Rihanna’s look from a few years ago. I guess we’ll have to ask Rihanna if imitation is in fact the ultimate compliment. I imagine that chainmail had to have been wildly uncomfortable though.


In other news, everyone is still indulging in Chrissy Teigen’s flashing, like we haven’t seen it all already. I got a kick out of TMZ commentary about this dress last night. I want to say I’d be shocked if she showed up on the red carpet without a dress on at all at some point, but I wouldn’t. It’s too bad because she really could have made those shoes and clutch a focal point of the look, but they are lost in the noise of that gross chest high slit. That slit by the way is a new low for fashion.

These two looks I just don’t even understand. Halsey looks like she came off the set of Minority Report as those psychics that predict the future. There there.

photos courtesy of Yahoo, New York Times and Harpers Bazaar


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