London & Milan Fashion Week

There were so many amazing shows from London and Milan fashion week, I wish I had the ability to share them all.

I rounded up a few photos from some of my favorite spring/summer ’17 collections, I hope you like them too!

London Fashion Week

Cimone is a new luxury womenswear brand, and this is their second collection presented. Designer Carli Pearson designed for various fashion labels including Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and Emilio Pucci. I loved the bold and bright colors, especially that splatter paint set.

cimone 810 8100 8101

Barbara Casasola was another favorite of mine, with very modest proportions and trendy cuts.

barbara-casasola barbara barbara-casasolax barbara-casasolaxx

Pringle of Scotland was a line I hadn’t heard of before, but they had some really cool pieces and unique dresses.

pringle-of-scotland pringleofscotland

Roksanda had such warm tones (which are my favorite) on its runway with the coolest fabric. I’m not sure if that jacket is satin or silk, but I love the boldness of it.



A trend that I loved were these oversized sweaters with complimenting sleeves, although I would definitely roll up them up.


A trend that I did not like from London was the single earring look. I just don’t like how it throws off the symmetry.


Milan Fashion Week

My favorites from Milan were Etro, Jil Sanders, Gucci, Marni and Bottega Venetta.

At Etro, the palette screamed spring, with peach, sunny yellow and muted green tones complete with paisley print, but it was the simple black and white stripes that captured my attention from the runway. (Definitely going to be mixing my stripes like so to the bottom right corner.)

etro kim_0014 kim_0030 kim_0139

Marni had very vibrant colors in monochrome sets that I am still swooning over. I also really like the oversized pockets that were featured on a lot of the outfits. (like the pink one in the top right corner) It made the jackets double duty, having pockets the size of a purse sewn right on!

marni-copy marni2 marni3 marnix

Gucci was very extreme, but soft lines and silhouettes drew me in. There were many different elements, the runway acting as a timeline for fashion, with some iconic looks from every decade. I also thought the menswear they presented was sharp.

_guc0323 _guc0481  _guc0631 _guc0755 gucci _guc0665

Jil Sanders had 40s attire with elements from the 80s, like metallics and broad shouldered tops. I loved the color palette and lengths.

_umb6988 _umb7084 _umb7698 jil-sander

From Bottega Venetta were the coolest looking sportswear for men and women. Slowly but surely I’m starting to like the socks with heels look. Anyone else agree?

_bot0039 _bot0235 _bot0497 _bot0529

_bot0383-copy _bot0425 _bot0673 _bot0213

My favorite trend was of course all the sequins, even though sequins and sparkle are always trendy.


Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci

My least favorite trend were these pajama outfits. I’m not sure if they are meant to be loungewear or to the office, but I think its over kill for either situation.


Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada

Photos courtesy of Forbes, Vogue and Fashionista


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