The Good and Bad From the VMAs 2016

I hadn’t planned on doing any more than checking out the VMA highlights due to travel plans, but those travel plans fell through. Isn’t that the most annoying thing ever? So with all the advertising about Britney Spears performing, I thought it might be fun to watch. It wasn’t all that intriguing, but I kept watching because I was reading spoiler articles that I wanted to then see for myself. The night was just lacking overall and boring. Here’s my best and worst breakdown.


While I would have preferred Britney Spears doing 4 segments instead of Rihanna, I did think Rihanna’s essentially free concert was the best thing about the 2016 VMAs. This dress she wore during her last performance was my favorite. I liked all the details and accessorizing that made it a unique look for her. Also a congrats to Rihanna for winning the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.

Jimmy Fallon dressed as Ryan Lochte.

I think its cool that Alicia Keys is ‘make up free’ these days, I just want to put it out there that wearing or not wearing makeup is each individuals choice. It doesn’t need to be praised or shamed. A woman’s worth or beauty is not tied to the makeup she wears.

alicia keys

Most of the outfits were pretty horrendous, but here were a few of the cute ones. While I don’t like the floor length hem on Ariana Grande’s pants, its still a good look. I also thought her performance was one of the better ones of the night.

ariana grandeariana:nicki.jpgI just thought Carly Aquilinos dress was so pretty, demure and fun. She accessorized well too.

carly aquilino

I am so happy Jojo is making a comeback and that she looks great! I loved this outfit from head to toe.


The color, hem and sleeves of Nicki Minaj’s gown were great. I just wish the middle didn’t have all those cutouts and just the horizontal sheer across her stomach and not down her legs.

nicki minaj

Tinashe’s look was really unique, and red looks great on her.


Just a few other things I liked from the night:

-It was humorous that the microphone was never centered for anyone. People kept asking for a readjustment.

-Kevin Hart’s cameo appearance.

-That Taylor Swift wasn’t there, and thank goodness. People were dropping the ‘b word’ left and right, she would have been highly offended.

The OK

I like Key & Peele, but reading what they were tweeting out was redundant and they didn’t particularly add to the event.

Beyonce: While her red carpet look was a little perplexing, her award acceptance outfits were nice. I would not have made the skirt sheer, but overall it looked stylish.

beyonce vmasbeyonce vma win

beyonce vmas.jpg

Look, I like Lemonade. I think I am blessed to live at a time where I can witness Beyonce’s musical abilities first hand. But she is supposed to be the leader of today’s music, and while Lemonade is empowering and still sounds good, its not quite Beyonce anymore. I know she has earned the right to be more creative and expressive with her music, but it was not fun to have politics shoved down my throat through her visual performances. I want the inspired and confident Beyonce, the woman who is above all this adolescent like rage that is so present in her music now. But from her face on the red carpet, I guess she already knows that we’ll just take whatever she gives us blindly.

I was excited when I heard Britney was going to be performing, that was a big part of why I decided to tune in, but I’m not a fan of her new single so it wasn’t that interesting. And why on earth did Britney Spears, Queen of pop, sing someone else song?!? All her songs and she had to make one hit wonder, G-Eazy the focus of her whole performance.



That Nick and Joe Jonas didn’t quit music when their original band Jonas Brothers broke up. I don’t even know how why Nick performed or how DNCE won artist to watch.nick-joe-jonas

Kanye ruining all the momentum Kim gave him with the Taylor video truth reveal in addition to the awful Fade video debut. Because when an influential company gives you a free platform to stand on, the obvious thing to do is kamikaze yourself. Cue a falling airplane crashing into the ground and bursting into flame.

That Drake came late and overdressed. I know I’ve said before people shouldn’t be showing up as sloppily as they do, but the bowtie was not necessary for the event.

The overexposed amount of rear ends being thrown in my face the entire time. I thought twerking died with Miley Cyrus’s career? Who decided thong bodysuits were the new musicians wardrobe?  Its not cute, cool, professional, or feminist, its vulgar. The. End.


While this was an improvement from last year, it was a far cry from entertaining. I hope next year there is a cleaner background that will keep the whole venue light despite darker performances, far less twerking, lip syncing, and an invite extended to Maroon 5.

Photos courtesy of Elle, MTV and Vulture

Updated August 14, 2017 at 2:01pm


2 thoughts on “The Good and Bad From the VMAs 2016”

  1. Hi. I love this post. I am not sure if I enjoy the styles as much as in the past, but I love your views on them and enjoy your posts. I hope the celebrities start to put more clothes on instead of less. I am glad you are up and running


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