End of Summer’s Fashion

It’s been such a busy past couple of months, but we’re back up and running, and hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out!

I have just a quick couple of reviews to share about a few events that happened throughout June and July as the summer has started winding down, and everyone is getting ready for the upcoming fashion weeks.

First, the Milan and London Menswear collections. In Milan, I loved the numerous layered shades of blue from the Armani runway (left image) and Canali (right image) had some very sharp looking suits.

In London, both Burberry and Alexander McQueen did not present collections. However that didn’t stop the party. Below, Samuel L. Jackson is having a great time singing karaoke with Dylan Jones, editor of British GQ. Earthy tones, statement coats and socks and sandals were major trends to come from the collections presented.

samuel l jackson nyt

From top left clockwise in left image, Astrid Andersen, Barbour, E. Taut, Oliver Spencer. From left clockwise in right image, Casely-Hayford, E.Tautz, Lou Dalton, Mackintosh.

At Berlin Fashion Week, popular online fashion brand Bread & Butter announced their relaunch will be next month, while Anja Gockel celebrated its 20 year anniversary.


In July, Couture in Paris was breathtaking. My favorite collections were Elie Saab, J. Mendel, and Dior.

Elie Saab was so elegant and mysterious.

J.Mendel was sleek and sharp.

Dior had a refreshing twist on classic colors that was relaxed, but still kinetic.


The Espy’s were July 13, and I just wanted to say congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers on winning Outstanding Team.

On the red carpet, I loved these looks from Lindsey Vonn, Gina Rodriguez, Michelle Beadle and Danica Patrick.

And finally, the Teen Choice Awards were July 31, and while the red carpet wasn’t overwhelming, there were a few looks I thought were very fashionable.

Jessica Alba had my favorite look and Keke Palmer’s sparkly jumpsuit was so cool. I also thought Ne-Yo and Ross Lynch looked smart.

Photos courtesy of Fashion Beans, Vogue, Getty Images and The Wrap.


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